SpeakOut with Staceyann Chin in Miami

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JOIN us for a weeklong residency with nationally recognized Jamaican lesbian spoken word poet STACEYANN CHIN that includes workshops and an open mic for GLBT youth. Chin’s poetry is a bracing, no-holds-barred yet tender examination of her own life and the world around her that locates itself at the complex intersection of sexual, gender and racial identities. She co-wrote and performed in the Tony Award-nominated Russell Simmons Def Poetry Jam and presented her own one-woman shows Off-Broadway.

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in case you missed last night’s forum on logo . . .

August 10, 2007 § 4 Comments

I guess I should’ve posted the announcement for the forum before it actually happened. I think the Presidential Forum hosted by the Human Rights Campaign, which aired live on LOGO last night, was only advertised on LOGO. In a way it makes sense to cater to the viewing audience of LOGO, but what about folks who don’t have or don’t watch LOGO? Good thing for the internet, where nowadays you are bound to be able to find a replay of the whole thing. So, if you missed last night’s forum, watch it here.

 The main topics of discussion included: gay marriage, civil unions, and domestic partnerships; don’t ask, don’t tell; HIV/AIDS treatment and awareness; universal health care; GLBT inclusion in anti-discrimination laws; and questions about what it means to be GLBT identified (i.e. choice v biology).  The main points of contention were the candidates’ positions on 1) unions v marriages (only Gavel and Kucinich say yes, while Obama and Clinton skirted “marriage” by claiming that strategically unions should be fought for first), and 2) Richardson’s blundered answer to Melissa Etheridge’s question on whether or not he thinks being gay is a choice. He immediately answered that it is a choice, and spent a couple of minutes trying to recover explaining that he just doesn’t understand science, and doesn’t want to get technical with definitions.  As for the rest of the issues, all of these candidates pretty much agreed that there should be less discrimination, more inclusion, and expanded health care for all.

Oh, and by the way, all the Republican candidates were invited to speak, but declined.

transformher: all girl art party

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art party

LOCATION: La Creperie Bistro
4600 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL

visit www.eveinterrupted.com for more information

fuse: a new night for women

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The new, roving, Thursday night party for women.   

Thursday, August 23rd

Leave the shores of Miami, for a sexy night of gambling, dinner and networking on Miami’s new upscale, state of the art, gambling yacht, AQUASINO.

visit www.icandeeproductions.com for more information

don’t go: new series by amber sharp

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Don't Go - A new television series by Amber Sharp

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