blog birthday!

October 28, 2007 § 2 Comments

Hurricane Wilma at record intensity southeast of the Yucatán Peninsula on October 19, 2005

Hurricane Wilma, October 2005

Yes, it’s my blogging birthday. This blog, kitchen window, replaced my first blog, mind chatter. Mind chatter, as some of you who read that blog know, was started as a hurricane project.

After Hurricane Wilma tore through Miami, the city went into a minor meltdown. While Wilma was not a very strong storm in terms of hurricane category numbers, she caused major power outages throughout the city that last for weeks. This meant that many of us had to stay with friends or family who did have power, or we just had to tough it out in the warmth and darkness of our homes with our canned and boxed food.

Luckily, my parents invited me and my hunny to come stay with them in the hotel they checked into. At the time I was a high school teacher, and school was canceled for several days. My hunny is a computer person, so they figured she could just keep working from wherever she was.  At the hotel we had power and wireless internet.

While my hunny got to work on her computer- with real work- I set about to create my first blog- mind chatter. I figured it would be a place where I could post information and news about my research and art that other people might find useful or interesting. I also wanted it to be a way for me to keep track of the many things I come across like other artists, art pieces, exhibits, recipes, and news stories.

After blogger started giving me some trouble last January, I switched over to wordpress and got a new name, kitchen window. The premise is still the same, though I now think of it more along the lines of what my friend Ayanna calls a “virtual sketchbook.”

So, thanks for reading, and I’m looking forward to this next year of sharing my virutal sketchbook with you.


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