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July 2, 2007 § Leave a comment

I’ve been busy doing my work here in Miami which entails meeting with artists, visiting studios, visting galleries and other art spaces, reading local blogs and newspapers, and talking with as many people as I can. Though I have at times been overwhelmed by the short amount of time (3 weeks) I have to do all of this in, I try to remind myself that this is the “preliminary research phase.” What I am trying to do is determine if this is a feasible project, gather information, and to put that together into a more coherent research plan for my dissertation.

I have to say that when I am actually out and about and talking with people, my work is pretty great. Through it I have been able to sit down and talk with artists in Miami that I think are producing some great work. On top of that, they are really incredible people with unique stories about how they go about conceptualizing and producing works of art.  Go check out their work! If you are an artist in Miami, specifically if you are a Caribbean woman artist, contact me.

So far I have interviewed (or will interview today) the following artists: 

Dinorah de Jesus Rodriguez

Charo Oquet

Jennilyn Duany

Maria Brito

And, visited the following galleries, museums and art spaces:

Diaspora Vibe Gallery 

Miami Art Museum

Historical Museum of Southern Florida

Bernice Steinbaum Gallery

The Gallery Diet

Locust Projects


Art Center/South Florida


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