in search of the perfect ‘do (in a2)

March 2, 2007 § Leave a comment


Grad school does funny things to people. It makes you have no time for anything but reading and writing. If you seriously read everything that you needed to there would literally be no time to sleep, eat, or in my case- get a haircut. 

 It had been 8 months! I have curly hair, and that only prolonged the process. Not everyone knows how to cut curly hair. So many people want to straighten it out. But, I like my hair, dammit, no blowdry and straightening iron for me.

I finally had asked enough people for a recommendation, and landed at the Above Ground Salon. I am plugging it here because the owner, and most fabulous stylist, Cookie, is just about the best stylist around. And who knew you could find such a person in Ann Arbor? Not me!

 So, check out the website, and if you are in need of a trim, a cut, a style and an overall fun time, then pay them a visit.


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